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Women Justice & Equality

About Women Justice & Equality

Legal Research Paradigm Society acknowledges the role of women in uplifting the society and recognizes that women in the justice system often struggle with challenges that demand specialized attention. In this dedicated space, we emphasize on advocating for the changes in legislation and policies by identifying the needs of women in the realm of justice and by shaping gender-specific solution. Not only this, we dig deeper into the spectrum of women rights including the issues related to economic empowerment, Reproductive rights, Gender-based Discrimination, Harassment, Domestic violence, Maternity and Parental Rights. Furthermore, we envision a comprehensive research paradigm that covers women’s access to education and workplace equality as well.


LRPS endeavors to combat violence against women and girls and promote a justice system that equally protects women and for that purpose we also invite you to explore our efforts and join our transformative journey of empowering women, promoting equality and igniting positive reform.

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