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Our vision is to be at the forefront of transformative legal research, recognized globally for our influential contributions to legal theory, practice, and policy. LRPS envisions a society where research exceeds boundaries, welcoming brilliant minds from across the globe, ignites curiosity and empowers legal practitioners and scholars to identify the pressing issues and offer comprehensive legal solutions through proposed frameworks and policies. With a focus on shared perspectives, our center embraces diversity and encourages an environment where collaborative efforts cultivate and provides a platform for different point of views to be discussed

Legal Research Paradigm Society is driven to establish a justice system that addresses the root causes of the crime and social harm, strives for fairness, proportionality and innovative problem-solving. Acknowledging the fact that even the strongest are stronger together, we believe in elevating cooperative endeavors to propel the public good. Based on their roles as stakeholders in the management of a world that is becoming increasingly complex and interconnected, we will develop relationships with other think tanks, foundations, universities, nonprofits, the private sector, and government officials. Our relationship with them is liable to clear and explicit rules that guarantee similarity with our vision, values, and approaches.

Our commitment to revolutionizing the paradigm of law is firm and we look forward to a future where convergence of diverse perspectives, forward-thinking, extensive research, capacity building and commitment to justice redefines the core of legal practice, encompassing a wide spectrum of legal domains.


Legal Research Paradigm Society is a private, non-partisan, multidisciplinary organization, revolutionary in its kind which is dedicated to conduct in-depth research in the legal field and advancing policy solutions for the issues faced by the nation. We are committed to the Rule of Law and Democracy. LRPS believes that good ideas and innovations arise amid the interplay of different viewpoints and perspectives and hence pioneered to establish a platform where diverse ideas meet and welcomes the dialogue, research and policy solutions from everywhere around the globe.

We are driven by a passion for overcome the complexities of the legal world and exploring various research paradigms that shape the future of law and society. Our research areas are not only focused towards the traditional domains including Constitutional Law, Human Rights, Criminal Justice, International Law, and more. Also, we delve into emerging fields such as the intersection of law and technology, artificial intelligence, intellectual property, environmental law and cyber-security.


Legal Research Paradigm Society pioneers to build a distinct model to advance legal and policy change. We will:

  • Conduct thorough, evidence-based and inclusive research that challenges the status quo, generates innovative visions to address the policy issues and proposes new ways of perceiving law.
  • Address the pressing regional and global challenges by conducting rigorous and independent research and proffer practical solutions to them through united efforts and engagements with leaders, experts and policy workers from the globe live or online.
  • Reform the legal practice by extensive legal research and organizing various capacity building workshops, seminars, and activities which aim to strengthen society, reinforce democratic institutions and generating the understanding of laws and the rights among the individuals.
  • Connect and develop a global network which welcomes the research and policy solutions from everywhere and seek partnership with academic institutions, governmental bodies, industry leaders and NGOs to enrich our research endeavors.
  • Provide a platform for intellectually strong individuals who possess valuable insights and innovative ideas for reforming the legal system, yet may not have had the opportunity to share their research and contributions.
  • Work to build a justice system which everyone thinks is fair and effective by fostering collaboration with key stakeholders in the justice system, including practitioners, institutions, policymakers and the public.
  • Actively engage in impactful Public Interest Litigation.
  • Work collaboratively with the organizations and experts to proffer our Community Advice to the people who need support or do not have the access to it.
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Research Neutrality and integrity

The Legal Research Center is committed to conducting independent research that is free from any forms of bias. In order to maintain the standards of academic integrity. Researchers are required to disclose any conflicts of interest that could affect their research. Also, no one from our team shall permit any third party to interfere with our work or the independence of our executive members, research associates, or any other team member, nor shall they attempt to predetermine or influence their recommendations. Legal Research Paradigm Society's researchers and work force routinely join in with outside parties, including experts, stakeholders, government authorities, and people in general. Our researchers retain ultimate authority and responsibility for their work, which includes, among other things, deciding on the methodology, analysis, conclusions, and presentation.

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The Legal Research Center is committed to providing objective and impartial legal research. We do not endorse any particular political party or ideology. Our research is based on the law, not on our own personal beliefs or opinions. LRPS team must also take appropriate steps to avoid conflicts or confusion between their outside political activities and their LRPS affiliations, including by obtaining the institution’s approval and publicly disclosing their activities, as appropriate.

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Shared perspectives

Legal Research Paradigm Society supports joint efforts, open dialogues and convergence of diverse viewpoints and sees them as a as a source of growth and innovation and hence we created a platform that encourages legal researchers, practitioners and experts from various fields to exchange ideas and engage in constructive discourse from all over the world. Developing nations like Pakistan can either get the inspiration from the policy makers of developed states or also could learn from emphasizing the problems of international significance as the experience of one country consists of important lessons for policymakers elsewhere. We will be introducing an open forum where your involvement adds to the collection of ideas that collectively reshape the legal paradigm and practice.

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Plagiarism and Research Misconduct

The Legal Research Paradigm Society is committed to the highest standards of integrity and prohibits any team member from engaging in research misconduct, including plagiarizing, fabricating, or misrepresenting their research as well as failing to comply with applicable law and ethical standards. This applies to research misconduct in connection with LRPS work and may also apply to outside work written by an individual associated with LRPS.

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