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Striving for a Stronger Community: Community Advice

One of the aims of LRPS is to strengthen the general public and for that purpose, we extend our service to empower them by advancing informed and actionable advice. We believe that in order to create a resilient Community, proffering practical legal solutions is very significant. We at LRPS not just provide the research work and the policy solutions, rather understand and cater the specific legal considerations faced by our Community and volunteer guidance.

Our support covers various areas including employment, domestic violence, financial management, family, immigration, consumer rights, healthcare, Intellectual Property protection and many others. We not only address your concerns and enhance your understanding but also provide you with necessary guidance to overcome hurdles and make decisions.

Origins of Community Advice:

Legal Research Paradigm Society not only carries out rigorous research and provide the policy solutions to the emerging challenges. We acknowledge the fact that our society needs to be equipped with the necessary understanding of their rights and empowered through education, advocacy and community service. We give equal opportunity to the ones who do not have access to the legal assistance or cannot afford it.

Who we serve:

Regardless of the fact that whether you are involved in the court proceedings as any party or someone providing support in these contexts such as friends, family or caregivers, we are dedicated to help you in accessing timely and adequate services.

Collaborative support:

LRPS does not just provide this support itself, we have collaborated with various specialists, organizations, court clerks, lawyers, academic and healthcare institutions which aim to provide comprehensive support to the society not only within Pakistan, but this advice extends beyond boundaries.

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