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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)

About SDG's

In the era marked by Global challenges and shared responsibilities, the pursuit of Sustainable Development has become a significant concern for organizations, nations and individuals. This domain explores the Legal dimensions of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), being a transformative agenda, which addresses the economic, social and environmental issues faces by the present world. We believe that the law can play a vital role in attainment of SDGs by conducting research, advocating for them and educating the public. Our main focus will be on Sustainable Development Law, Principles and practices in Global economy, biosphere and society. We aim to work towards alignment of Domestic laws and regulations with the International Sustainable development objectives, identifying the challenges in achieving the SDGs such as Climate change, inequality and poverty and developing Legal solutions to the challenges facing the SDGs. Also, we will offer policy recommendations, legislative drafting and strategies to assist government, NGOs and businesses in implementing initiatives which are in line with the sustainable development goals. We invite national and international organizations and individuals for collaborative efforts aimed at creating a more sustainable and equitable world.
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