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Raabia Saeed



Professional Profile

Raabia Saeed is not just an Advocate of the High Court; she’s a legal luminary with a remarkable career that has taken her to the highest echelons of the legal profession. With a distinguished background, she has not only appeared in the Supreme Court on special permission but has also litigated a diverse array of cases, spanning civil, corporate, and family law. With a substantial 12 years of teaching experience, Raabia is a globally recognized lecturer at the prestigious University of London. Her areas of expertise encompass a broad spectrum, including civil, corporate, and tax matters. Her academic journey boasts a Ph.D. in financial crimes, where her research delves into the cutting-edge utilization of AI, conducted at the University of Leicester. Additionally, she holds an LLM in commercial and corporate law from University College London.

As a “Senior Fellow” on the Legal Education Committee of the Punjab Bar Council, she is at the forefront of legal education. Her commitment to advancing legal knowledge is evident through her certification in the workshop on “Imparting Knowledge in Forensics.” Moreover, her accreditation as a SIMI mediator highlights her exceptional skills in conflict resolution. Raabia’s dedication to scholarly pursuits is underscored by her research papers, which have been published in various international journals. Her research interests span across critical areas such as legal education, money laundering, financial institutions, and the transformative role of AI in the legal landscape. One of her notable academic endeavors includes a comparative analysis of laws within the UK and the USA, shedding light on the intricate differences that shape our legal systems.

As a member of the International Law Association, Raabia is part of a global network of legal minds. Her contributions to the legal field extend far beyond the courtroom, as she actively engages in shaping legal education and conducting research that has a profound impact on the legal community. Raabia Saeed’s journey through the corridors of law and academia is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence, education, and the advancement of legal knowledge. Her remarkable career trajectory, coupled with her dedication to research and education, positions her as a true legal luminary making significant contributions to the Legal Research Paradigm Society. The main domains supervised by her include Financial Crimes, Arbitration and Mediation and Trade, Economy and Law.

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