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International Law

About International Law

International law is the collection of rules which governs the relations of the states with each other, deals with the rights which the countries have towards each other and play an important role in shaping global interactions, insuring diplomatic cooperation and upholding fundamental principles of justice, peace and security. Conventions, treaties, and standards serve as the foundation for international law. The scope of our research is to highlight contemporary International law guidelines as well as methods, mechanisms and their implications in Pakistan and all over the globe since these are rapidly developing complex rules. We will not only strive to create an awareness of International law among the general public but also present a thorough research which directs the interpretation and application of International laws.

Our work would include but not limited to:

  • Examination of formation, interpretation and enforcement of international treaties and agreements and the role of Diplomatic negotiations in shaping the international agreements.
  • While addressing the global issues, work on how to maintain the balance between the sovereignty of the State and Role of international organizations.
  • The role of constructive and destructive lawfare and how Pakistan can utilize the lawfare constructively to maintain the Diplomatic relations and the how can it help in dealing with International issues.
  • Improvements required in the domestic and foreign policies which will show compliance of Pakistan with international obligations, protecting its repute and relations globally.

We invite you for joining our quest for promoting a just, peaceful and co-operative international order.

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