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Human Rights

About Human Rights

Human Rights are a key concern not only in Pakistan but throughout the world, these are needed to protect and preserve the well-being and provide a life which is worth living, a life of dignity. LRPS aims to provide as much insight we can in order to build a picture of the contemporary human rights concerns in the justice system and by using this insight we tend to work towards a fairer system by providing supporting materials, a careful and useful research for the policymakers to consider and provide key recommendations in relation to how they can make better policies for those to whom harm has suffered. Our work will be focused on the domestic as well as International Human rights obligations also their implications with respect to Pakistan’s legal framework.

Some of the important Human Right concerns which will be the focal point include Right to health, Freedom of Religion, Armed conflict and Humanitarian concerns, Transitional Justice, Issues of Mental Health and Autonomy, Rights of differently abled children and several local Human right challenges.

Moreover, our efforts would strive for better employment opportunities for people by two ways; advocating for policies for improvements in the access to education and training which makes the individuals capable enough to earn and by improving the job quality for low-income individuals so that they manage economic stability with their career advancements.

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