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About Financial Crimes

Considering the surge in the Financial Crimes worldwide, Legal Research Paradigm Society dedicates its efforts into understanding the complex landscape of these crimes, being an area, which intersects with finance, technology and criminal justice too. We will conduct globally focused research across critical domains of finance.  We will provide a platform for an open dialogue between academic institutions, policy-making bodies and financial sector for coping with the challenges.

Some of the main areas of focus will be:

  • Critical evaluation of effectiveness of current Anti-money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism financing laws and regulations.
  • Need for various new laws or Amendments to curb emerging threats, specially due to the advancements in technology etc.
  • Role of cooperation between law enforcement bodies and financial institutions in controlling Financial Crimes.
  • Public awareness of financial crimes and how to report them.
  • Impact of economic sanctions on financial crimes, money flows and the role of International cooperation in tackling cross-border financial offences.
  • Legal responses to corruption, bribery and embezzlement while addressing the international efforts to combat transnational crimes.
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