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Energy, Natural Resources and Environmental Law

About Energy, Natural Resources and
Environmental Law

This particular domain devotes its efforts to the legal and policy aspects of Energy and Environmental Laws. LRPS plays a significant role in addressing complex legal issues which surrounds energy production, its consumption and the environmental impacts. We will provide insight, resources, and expertise to various stakeholders including government, NGOs, Businesses, researchers, and legal professionals.

Our research areas include Climate change, Environmental Regulation and justice. As majority of our population needs to understand the importance of clean and healthy environment and that this is one of their rights. We will contribute out work to the development of policies which address the Environmental Justice concerns.The aim is to highlight existing issues and provide guidelines for compliance to businesses as they often struggle to comply with the regulations. The center will proffer legal solutions on specific energy and environmental matters. We will also view international perspectives as issues often arise cross borders, so for this purpose the research center will look into international agreements and by doing so we intend to help the stakeholders to understand the global dynamics. 

Here are some specific topics that could be covered in this section:

  • The law of energy production, including the regulation of fossil fuels, nuclear power, and renewable energy sources.
  • The law of natural resources, including the ownership and management of land, water, and minerals.
  • The law of environmental protection, including the regulation of pollution, waste disposal, and endangered species.
  • The intersection of energy, natural resources, and environmental law, such as the law of climate change and the law of sustainable development.


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