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Economy, Trade & Law

About Economy, Trade & Law

A strong trade and economy are significant for the prosperity of a nation, both nationally and internationally. Acknowledging this fact, this area is focused to work on the convergence of trade, economy and law which is an area that reflects the coherence that moves countries, industries and individuals forward. Better economy and trade play a vital role in foreign policy and national security too and in order to work on the policy ideas which increase the global prosperity and security, LRPS comes into play through its collaborative efforts with different national and international organizations and stakeholders along with the pioneering research, which will help Pakistan to get rid of the economic turmoil and create a harmonic global economic landscape.

Our work will be focused on economic policies and practices that support competitiveness and the well-being of Pakistanis, legal implications of Trade Agreements and the role of International organizations in shaping the trade regulations worldwide and legal approaches for balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability.

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