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UN General Assembly's 78th Session: Insights into Global Diplomacy and Development Goals


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The UN general Assembly 78th session is going to engage in high level talks with the theme “Rebuilding trust and reigniting global solidarity”, stepping up efforts to achieve the” Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda for Peace, Prosperity, and Sustainability for all”.

This week, more than 140 state official’s arrival is expected in New York to address the 78th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA), the climate catastrophe and the war in Ukraine are anticipated to take center stage at the UN. The debates would provide international leaders and heads of state the chance to outline their goals for the upcoming year, ask for collaboration on critical issues, and frequently denounce their rivals. As UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told reporters last week;

It is a one-of-a-kind moment each year for leaders from every corner of the globe to not only assess the state of the world but to act for the common good and action is what the world needs now”

The UNGA’78 is going to be a useful event with high level talks aiming towards the betterment of the world. Keeping in mind the Sustainable development goals, world leaders will come to a single page and work together. Moreover, a series of bilateral discussions are expected among the world leaders.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr Anwar UL Haq Kakar is also expected to travel to the 78th Session of UNGA and represent Pakistan and address the session on September 20 as per the reports provided by the Foreign Office. The PM is expected to outline

Pakistan’s perspective on a range of regional and general issues of concern, including the Jammu and Kashmir dispute which is among the longest-standing unresolved items on the UN agenda”.

One of the paramount issues on the UNGA’s agenda is the climate crisis, which has been a growing concern globally. Climate change poses a severe threat to sustainable development and requires global cooperation to mitigate its impacts. Additionally, the ongoing war in Ukraine is expected to take center stage, highlighting the need for international efforts to address conflicts and promote peace. The PM would also go into detail about the important steps his interim administration had made to support the nation’s economic recovery and attempts to attract both domestic and foreign investment.

The potential outcomes expected by this participation include the Diplomatic visibility as Pakistan’s presence at the UNGA allows it to raise important regional and global issues on an international stage. This visibility can help draw attention to Pakistan’s perspectives and concerns, including the Jammu and Kashmir dispute. Also, Pakistan’s Prime Minister highlighting economic recovery efforts and investment opportunities can attract foreign investors and partners, potentially benefiting the country’s economy. Participation in international talks and discussions can provide Pakistan with insights into international policies and trends, allowing it to align its own policies and strategies with global priorities.

In conclusion, the news regarding Pakistan’s participation in the 78th UNGA session aligns with diplomatic norms and international cooperation. The legal aspects primarily revolve around the international legal framework governing disputes like Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan’s engagement at the UNGA reflects its commitment to addressing global challenges and advancing its diplomatic objectives. However, the extent of these impacts will depend on the outcomes of discussions, agreements reached, and the implementation of initiatives following the session.

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