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Noor Jaura



Professional Profile

Noor Jaura is a legal powerhouse, bringing a wealth of expertise and a remarkable background to the Legal Research Paradigm Society. She is a distinguished law graduate from University of London and is currently furthering her legal knowledge at Brunel University London, specializing in the intricate domains of financial regulations and corporate law.

In the intricate realm of immigration law, Noor’s profound understanding of laws and regulations has made her an invaluable asset. At Second Passport World, she has earned an impeccable reputation for her reliability and exceptional efficiency in handling even the most intricate immigration matters. Within the sphere of corporate real estate, she stands out with her exceptional negotiation skills and adept management of real estate transactions for prominent corporations in both Pakistan and Dubai. Her keen ability to identify strategic opportunities and effectively mitigate risks has consistently delivered substantial cost savings and enriched asset portfolios. This is backed by her remarkable analysis and research skills which are a great asset for LRPS too. Her steadfast dedication to providing legal solutions underscores her deep commitment to addressing the need faced by the community.

Notably, Noor’s commitment to excellence isn’t confined to her corporate work alone; she is equally dedicated to giving back to society. Her extensive volunteer work stands as a testament to her untiring passion for making a positive impact. In various positions, she has actively contributed to various social causes, effectively demonstrating her profound commitment to helping those in need. From her volunteer work in underserved communities to her tireless advocacy for justice and equality, her commitment to societal betterment seamlessly aligns with the core values of LRPS. Her efforts extend far beyond the legal sphere, reflecting her genuine dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. At LRPS, she oversees the particular domains of Global Migration Dynamics, Arbitration and Mediation, Intellectual Property law and Financial Crimes.

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