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Professional Profile

Dr. Hina Khan is a distinguished researcher and academic luminary, holding a Ph.D. in International Relations, with a unique focus on narcotics security and infiltration in Afghanistan. She stands as the sole Pakistani scholar to have dedicated her doctoral dissertation to this critical subject matter, showcasing her exceptional commitment to addressing pressing regional and global issues. Her academic journey also includes an M.Phil. in Peace and Conflict Studies from the esteemed National Defense University in Islamabad, where her research delved into the intricate nexus between narcotics and Baluchistan as a transit route. Dr. Khan’s dedication to in-depth research in areas of paramount importance underscores her passion for contributing to informed policymaking and conflict resolution.

In 2015 and 2016, she served as an instructor at the Command and Staff College, further solidifying her role as a thought leader and educator in the realm of international relations and security studies. Her impact extends beyond academia, as she generously shares her knowledge and insights with the defense forces, delivering lectures to joint services, including the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Her role as a consultant further amplifies her influence in shaping strategic thinking and policy development. She is also a prominent figure in the media landscape, frequently appearing on both national mainstream channels and social media platforms to discuss critical issues related to international relations, security, and narcotics control. Her ability to bridge the gap between academia and public discourse highlights her dedication to fostering informed public opinion.

Beyond her academic and media commitments, Dr. Khan embodies the spirit of volunteerism, actively engaging in community service. Her motivational talks to colleges and universities on the topic of drug awareness exemplify her unwavering commitment to social betterment and youth empowerment. Her expertise encompasses diverse subjects, including international law, theories of war, theories of contemporary conflict in Southeast Asia, and track-two diplomacy. This multidisciplinary approach to research reflects her holistic understanding of complex global issues. Above all, her passion for her homeland shines through in every facet of her work. Her tireless dedication to addressing critical issues, educating future leaders, and contributing to policy discussions marks her as an invaluable asset to the Legal Research Paradigm Society and a true champion of positive change.

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