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Hamza Qayyum

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Professional Profile

Hamza Qayyum is the driving force behind the Legal Research Paradigm Society, where his visionary leadership and profound legal insights have carved a remarkable path. With a strong commitment to delivering top-tier legal services, he stands out as a leading legal researcher in Pakistan, setting new benchmarks in the industry through his strategic vision. He holds an LLB degree from the prestigious University of London, which laid the foundation for his illustrious legal career. His practice spans a wide spectrum of legal domains, including civil, corporate, family, and intellectual property laws. This extensive range reflects his versatility and resolute dedication to tackling diverse legal challenges.

What truly distinguishes Hamza is his passion for harnessing the law’s transformative potential. Beyond conventional legal practice, he has ventured into policy solutions, particularly focusing on combating Human Trafficking—an issue of profound societal importance. This commitment underscores his belief in the law’s power to drive positive change. To enhance his legal skills and contribute meaningfully to Pakistan’s legal system, he sought specialized training in Constitutional History, Legislative Drafting, and legal research. These experiences, coupled with his tenure as a Research Associate at the National Assembly of Pakistan, have positioned him as a prominent figure in shaping the nation’s legal landscape. His dedication to intellectual growth led him to explore the intricate realm of Intellectual Property. He completed various courses, including those offered by the University of Pennsylvania, further expanding his legal horizons. This does not end here, he has been a part of Army Law Directorate too and one of his accomplishments there include the work on “Lawfare and its impact on National Security”. Currently he is a practicing lawyer and with that, he leverages his profound insights and extensive research to advance the cause of human rights and international law. His work revolves around conducting comprehensive research that not only propels the principles of international law but also champions the rights of marginalized and vulnerable populations.

Hamza’s expertise spans global governance, international human rights law, the law of armed conflict, environmental law, and intellectual property law. At the Legal Research Paradigm Society, he spearheads projects characterized by innovation, rigorous research, and an unwavering commitment to creating a more just and equitable legal landscape. He has published his work in various domains include Alternate Dispute Resolution, Law and Technology, Intellectual Property Rights, Cybersecurity and the impact of AI on law. His visionary leadership and tireless efforts continue to shape the future of the legal profession in Pakistan and beyond, with his belief that collaborative efforts of the insightful individuals worldwide would revolutionize the legal panorama.  

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