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Technology and Law

About Technology & Law

By having a multidisciplinary approach, this particular domain of Technology and law will hold an in-depth knowledge of both the fields. The research will cover the intersection between law and technology which will involve the understanding and recognition of technological advancements and their legal and policy implications.

Some of key technology concepts like cybersecurity, data privacy, block-chain, fintech and many more will be covered by this section. A thorough policy analysis will also be conducted and recommendations will be provided for the regulatory bodies as to whether they should modify their existing regulatory frameworks in order to address the emerging Technological advancements.

Our research will not only be focused to integrate technology in various areas, specifically law, but also aims to provide guidelines as to how can the risks posed by technology be mitigated. The research here will be available for the legal as well as tech audiences to whom the complex legal concepts would be simplified and understood.

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